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“Ever since I was a child, I have always experienced stomach problems. My family physician just suggested to me to use over the counter medicines, Immodium AD and Pepto Bismol. During my visit with Dr. Alston, she quickly pointed out it could be something in my diet. She suggested I try changing my diet and to my astonishment, I felt immediate positive results. My energy levels went up amazingly and now my stomach only bothers me when I eat something I shouldn’t. Thanks Dr. Alston!”

“Dr. Alston is very passionate about her work and making sure she finds the best possible solution(s) tailored to the individual. She’s compassionate and quite knowledgeable about her work, holistic alternatives to traditional medications/disease treatment weight loss, etc. while also encouraging you to keep regular visits with your PCP and other healthcare professionals.”

“I went to Dr. Alston with chronic pains in my joints, arthritis, and loss of mobility. Her approach provided relief and comfort for my conditions. She took time to explain things. I finally got understanding to my satisfaction and highly recommend Dr. Alston and her therapies. I wanted to share my experience as I have spent thousands in other treatments and pain relievers. Live well stay healthy!”

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